• James Hunt Director of Product
  • Sriniketh Varma Architect / Engineer
  • Brian Seguin COO, Stark & Wayne
  • A Labor of Love

    All of us here are unusually (some might say unnaturally) interested in and enthusiastic about data protection. For us, SHIELD Cloud is the culmination of nearly a half of a decade working on this problem in the enterprise space.

    Here's what we're most excited about, in bringing SHIELD to Linode, and ultimately, to you.

    I've been a Linode customer for close to a decade. I am super stoked to finally be able to give something back to the Linode community, and help make people's data safer and better protected. James Hunt Director of Product
    Stark & Wayne
    EVERYONE is entitled to the security of having an enterprise grade backup and restore option that is affordable! Brian SeguinChief Operating Officer
    Stark & Wayne
    [SHIELD Cloud] has been both fun to use and fun to build. I am excited for people to finally use it! Sriniketh VarmaArchitect / Engineer
    Stark & Wayne